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Medical Services

Achieving and maintaining optimal health for our patients is our number one goal. As correctional experts, we know the risk associated with our environment, and the importance of collaborating with security to provide safe, healthy outcomes for the patients, staff and community.

Our experienced nurses and providers assess and treat acute and chronic medical and mental health illnesses, conduct timely sick call visits, perform daily health assessment intakes, treat and report infectious diseases. These services in addition to X-Rays and diagnostic services are provided onsite as first course of care when possible. Emergent and offsite specialty care services are scheduled collaboratively with security transport.

Offsite Care

As a correctional administrator, you know the challenges of obtaining medical providers willing to treat offenders. Engaging us as your medical services provider links you into our multitude of resources we have accumulated through the decades. Our team has a relationship with a network of specialty providers that accept our at-risk population. These services can be expensive, fortunately, our company can provide contractual negotiations for best-care practices at cost-effective savings.

Ancillary Services

Mississippi Correctional Services is proud to be a Mississippi collaborative company. Our goal is to join forces with other Mississippi companies when providing correctional medical services. Our comprehensive approach provides most X-rays, laboratory services and other diagnostic services to be performed in the medical clinic. Our collaborative companies provide timely onsite services as well as offsite when needed.

Dental Care Services

Dental care is a specialty care provided to offenders either through on-site clinics or off-site visits. Depending on the facility’s clinical accommodations, our team can staff dental clinics with experienced correctional medicine dentist or arrange for off-site dental care to be provided. In either scenario, Mississippi Correctional Service’s team has the experience to provide a comprehensive package that fits your facility’s needs.

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The following are just several of the medical services that we provide. We are eager to explain all the opportunities and possibilities if you have questions. You can reach us by phone right now at 601-427-9040, or the option of sending us a message through the contact form on this website.

  • Medical and Nursing clinical services
  • Mental Health clinical services
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Dental services
  • Laboratory, X-ray and other diagnostic services
  • Offsite specialty care referrals and contractual negotiations
  • Offsite claims consultations services

Correctional Medical Services for Mississippi County Jails

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