Pharmacy Services

Mississippi Correctional Services offers pharmacy services to county jails throughout the Magnolia State. We partner with MS Board Certified Pharmacists who are experienced in the field of correctional medicine and are knowledgeable of our state’s pharmacy regulations and permits that are specific to Mississippi and institutional medicine.

Our partnership with Mississippi Pharmacists allows us to provide additional costs savings to the jails that only pharmacist located in Mississippi can provide, a Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) network.

  • No company-owned pharmacy; Mississippi Correctional Services partners with Mississippi Pharmacist and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), enabling us to make independent, strategically sound buying decisions and to negotiate the best prices for our clients.
  • Formulary management, to improve the quality of the overall drug-use process and to optimize not only patients’ therapeutic outcomes, but also client pharmacy costs
  • Medication administration
  • Self-medication or “Keep-On-Person” programs
  • Drug utilization review (DUR) that ensures prescribed drugs are appropriate, medically necessary, and not likely to result in adverse medical results
  • Consultant correctional pharmacist services to ensure compliance with pharmacy program quality, safety, and board regulations

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Correctional Pharmacy Services for Mississippi County Jails

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