Telehealth Services

Here at Mississippi Correctional Services, we are deeply committed to providing evidence-based practices in a cost-effective manner. One approach is to bring as much care to the offender than the offender going off-site for care. Telehealth in the field of mental health is leading in the field of mental healthcare and is one of the best approaches to providing safe and secure treatment for the correctional industry. Utilizing proven video and computer technology, Telehealth enables face-to-face consultations between inmates and specialty providers without transporting the patient offsite.

Let us minimize your health care costs

We minimize costs by taking advantage of technology that can have a very positive impact on the bottom line of the clients that we serve. These costs are in monetary value as well as the risk associated with escape and harm to the community. All these costs can be reduced with on-site telepsychiatry.

  • Reduce inmate transportation costs
  • Reduce escape risk and harm to the community
  • Increase availability of care
  • Maintain a high-level of Quality of Care
  • Decrease transportation and security cost

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Correctional Telehealth Services for Mississippi County Jails

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